Blue image background like Dslr in photoshop

in the world of photography everyone has their own DSLR and they carry it to everywhere they go to take some beautiful pic ,

but have you ever thoughts ? of converting normal pic to DSLR pic ?

in the today tutorials i would love to share my trick of Photoshop cs6.

when i got to know people are searching for it , i just went for a tutorials to change the background like dslr ,

it’s not hard as it seems to you but you can do it in some sec if you have just basic experience with photohsop .

what will you need to blue background image in photoshop is ?

Learn using of cutting tool ,

there are many to in photoshop to cut and make selection of your subject ,

so you can use all of them to get some experience , the easiest tool of making selection is the Pin tool in photoshop can be selecting with clicking on P button from your keyboard .

what another thing ?

a PHotoshop ( any version )

Clear Hand in Cutting tool ,

my below video to follow

and your brain a lil bit .

so common and follow the tutorials .

would you like to watch it direct in photoshop ?

follow the link

How to blue pic background in photoshop by haris khan 

i would be more than happy if you subscribe my channel too .

link is here .

Urdu tutorials By Haris khan 


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