A tribute Video To Honey Singh For his next HPD

Honey Singh Whenever it comes to Honey Singh we all get inspired from him , and off course his voice is the one in million which touch our hearth in no time .

lets give some gift to him for his next birthday

one of Honey Singh Jabra fan Made a Tribute video for him and get viral in no time . and off course he deserves .

if you reading this you are diffidently Honey Singh Fan aren’t you ?



honey singh song

Which Song Is your Favorite Of Honey Singh ?

It doesn’t matter where he left yet he will be for whole life in his fan heart’s will not he ?

When He sing he just do something unique and it’s proof of his Singing style .

and i remember one of his interview he said “Deere Deere songs was like quickly for me , and i was setting down on Home and when i thought i should record i was ill , so i got my mobile and started recording the song directly on my mobile . ”

was n’t he great ?

if he can record his song on mobile to be quick it’s batter to be his fan though 😛

the post was for his tribute video one of his fan made up a video of his whole career and it’s amazing video .

watch out .

Honey Singh Whole Career 



Did you love the song ?

watch direct on youtube

Honey singh song video


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